Hotel Academy

Projectteam:Prof.Dr. Maik Arnold, Dr. Helge Fischer
Project support: Erasmus+, strategische Partnerschaften (KA2)
Running time: 01.09.2019 bis 31.10.2021

Partner: Manzavision (FR, Projektleiter), MBA ESG (FR); European University Cyprus (CY); Fachhochschule Dresden

Convejor sum: 68.488 EUR

With the Hotel Academy project, the FHD is working with European university partners (from France and Cyprus) to explore new ways of cooperating across currencies. The goal of the project is the development of a framework for the use of modern digital education technologies for the organization and realization of joint courses in the area of ​​hospitality management.

The elements of modern digital business games (German simulation games) meet complex VR-based cooperation formats and mobile-supported learning support. The educational concepts and technologies are piloted, evaluated and validated through a cooperative, cross-national and university-wide teaching format in the field of hotel management.


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