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International Students

Studying at FHD: One of the best experiences of your life!

The University of Applied Sciences FHD welcomes students from all over the world to enrich its international campus culture. Various exchange programmes and activities are designed to facilitate their effortless integration into the new family here in Dresden and to make their stay with us a memorable experience in their life, both on an academic and personal level. Exchange students are free to choose from all courses that match their academic background and the program at their home university.


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Information and counselling for current and prospective international students


Mon. – Thurs. 10am – 4pm
Fri. 10am – 2pm

Courses and Programmes

FHD has ten accredited Bachelors’ degree programs (full time and extra-occupational degrees):

  •     Business Administration
  •     Tourism and Event Management
  •     Graphic Design
  •     Media Informatics & Media Design,
  •     Nursing & Health Care Management (full time and extra-occupational degrees)
  •     Social Pedagogy & Management (full time and extra-occupational degrees).
  •     Digital Education Management
  •     Logistics Management

Our strategies build upon rewarding academic performance, comprehensive individual counseling before and during studies, emphasizing strong practice-relationships, refining networking skills, fostering innovations from theory into practice (e.g. entrepreneurial skills, international competencies and enhancing quality in teaching and research).

Academic Calendar: The academic year consists in 2 semesters.

Winter Semester starts on October 1st  and ends on March 31 (exams take place in February and March)

Summer Semester starts on April 1st and ends on September 30  (exams take place in August and September)


One semester Programme: 30 ECTS,  courses in English and/or German

One year programme: 60 ECTS,  courses in English and/or German

Double Degree: You can obtain a double degree at the end of your studies if you come for one year from one of our partner universities. This is a great opportunity to experience two different universities in two different countries and to learn more about both cultures and learning perspectives.

Language courses: We offer language courses at all levels to improve your German level and foster interest in other languages.

Courses in English: All our faculties offer courses in English. To see the current offer contact us.

Immersion Course: This is a one week course before the start of the semester to help you with the orientation and to overcome potential cultural barriers.

Extracurricular Activities: Cultural and natural excursions to explore Dresden, its surroundings and heritage, sport and team-work activities to bring international and local students together

Bachelor Degree: Full time and extra-occupational degrees here

Application requirements, Fees and Finantial Aid

Application requirements

  • Motivation Letter
  • Copy of ID/Passport
  • Matriculation Form
  • Language level: B2 or equivalent (English or German depending on the Program)
  • At least two semesters of undergraduate university level studies in a related career.
  • Visa where required (for more information contact us) 



The fee per semester in FHD is

  • For EU-EWR Students €3360 (includes immersion course, courses and language course)
  • For non EU-EWR Students €4320 (includes immersion course, courses and language course)
  • For Students coming from a Partner University (IIA. Inter Institutional Agreement) is free of charge.


Finantial Aid

There are several possibilities of financial aid or scholarships for foreigner students depending on the land you come from:

  • DAAD
  • IIA Erasmus +
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • Becas en Latinoamerica
  • Financial aid for USA citizens

Living in Dresden

Dresden is he perfect city for studying, not a huge city but full of life, culture and nature. It is also not as expensive as other cities in Germany and we are in an amazing location: between Berlin and Prague, surrounded by a National Park. Take a look: Dresden and Sächsische Schweiz

Our Campus:

Modern facilities in the heart of Dresden.

Costs of your semester in Dresden (approximately):

  • Room in a Student Residency (WG): €350
  • Apartment (2 rooms): €480 +
  • Food: €250
  • Internet: €30
  • Transport: €140 per semester, unless you use a bike wich is very common in our city (link DVB)
  • Others:  €100 (clothes, events, etc.)


We have many partners where you can do an internship…

Linking theory and practice is an elementary part of the study concept. The Tourism & Event Management (B.A.) course includes a 12-week internship that seamlessly follows the semester abroad. The internship can be completed either in Germany or abroad.

Why should I do an Internship?

The aim of the internship is to create a close connection between theory and professional practice. Through the internship, which can also take place abroad, the students gain further company-related, practical knowledge. On the basis of the knowledge acquired in the courses, application-related knowledge and practical experience should be conveyed and the processing of specific problems in the desired professional field of activity should be enabled under supervision. During the internship, the students should analyze problems of a subject-specific nature and identify practical solutions in order to support management on various business levels. Competencies: • The students can act responsibly in the context of work in the company. • They are able to apply their knowledge and understanding to activities in their profession and to work out and develop problem solutions and arguments in their specialist area. • You can react to complex problem situations on your own initiative and can adapt to new environmental conditions


Internships • Getting to know activities in the later professional field • Cooperation in the respective working group • Independent completion of subtasks in the transfer work working group • Presentation, discussion and reflection of internship experiences • Presentation of the consequences for individual future planning Reflection seminar • Short presentation of practical experience

Summer School

FHD offers customized summer programmes in all the faculties. For more information, contact us.


Insurance coverage

Health insurance is very important and we can help you find the right one for you starting in € 35 per month.

  • Healthinsurance: €1,19 per day (basic tariff), €1,75 per day (top tariff)
  • Liability insurance: €0,27 per day (basic tariff), €0,60 per day (top tariff)
  • General Information about Insurance in FHD: 


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