The internationalization of FHD is a highly dynamic process that runs through the whole university and is a task that needs to be performed jointly by all involved parties. Our students are the focal point of all our activities. We strive to optimize the quality of our services for (international) students and to add to an international dimension in teaching.

FHD has co-operations with universities, research institutes, private and public companies on a regional, national and international level. In joint efforts, FHD develops practical scientific-based solutions for complex regional issues. Both the continuous enhancement of educational opportunities and the usage of modern methodological and didactical concepts are the key challenges of FHD.

The internationalization strategy of FHD is currently being revised and will be published shortly right here.




Kaja Wolf, M.A.

Campus am Straßburger Platz | room 107

Tel +49 351 44 45 117

Fax +49 351 44 45 410


International University Network

FHD strives to offer their students a broad range of international partner universities for their integrated semester abroad. The expansion of FHD’s international partnership network, particularly in Europe, is one of the foremost current goals. Academic collaborations (in research and teaching), staff exchange and other activities are conducted within the partnership network.

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